Are We Really A Dog’s Best Friend?

Dogs have long been affectionately called “a man’s best friend” but perhaps we are not alone with this special honor. Whales and dolphins seem to have formed a bond with dogs as well. ¬†Given the importance that social ties play within each group it should not be a complete surprise, but yet there is something quite special about actually witnessing that connection.

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite videos that demonstrate this unique relationship and created a little series for you to enjoy. Yes, these stories provide us with that tingly happy feeling on the surface but more importantly, they dive deeper giving us all an opportunity to reflect on how we treat each other and other species.

Ben the Lab and Duggie the Dolphin: Swimming Buddies

One of my favorite examples is of Ben the Lab and his dolphin friend Duggie from Tory Island, Ireland who had regularly played for years together in the middle of a busy harbor.

Another great example is Luna the lonely Orca whale from Nootka Sound, Canada, who had been separated from his pod and desperately in search of new friends. Half-way across the world from Ben and Duggie, Luna found companionship in another busy harbor with a local fisherman’s dog.

The last example is of Kira the Lab, who lives to swim with dolphins as part of an eco-tour group in Mozambique. In contrast to the other two more raw videos, this one is edited for affect and matched with a soundtrack that will get your toes tapping or fins a slapping!

I’m sure there are many more videos and stories like these swimming around. Do you have any favorites that you would like to share with me? If you do, I’d love to hear from you. ¬†Please tell me all about it down below in the comments section.

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