Leave The Beach Better Than You Found It

First off, I am all for the standard annual beach clean-up days that many organizations hold each year. It creates awareness for important environmental issues and brings the community together in an act of solidarity to do good. Nothing wrong with that. However, let’s face it, 1 day of cleaning up is not enough. In order for us all to make a real impact we need to incorporate a conscious effort in our daily lives. Better choices each day can make a huge difference for all of us in the long run. So, when you are out celebrating this 4th of July holiday weekend……

Beach sign asking you to leave nothing but your footprints

Ask yourself:  
What trash trace are you leaving wherever you go?

When you and your family enjoy a day at the beach or out in a boat are you following the Scouts’ golden rule of “pack it in, pack it out”?

Sadly, I see the left-over evidence of humans enjoying the beaches all to easily. In fact, just last week I watched a family of five enjoy their beach day, then while packing up to leave, brush off their trash (napkins, water bottles, juice straws, plastic wrappers and chip bags) from their beach chairs directly onto the sand. Mind you, the beach trash cans were merely 100 yards away. Then, the very next day I found a dirty diaper on the same beach. (Sigh) Please don’t be this family.

Be a better beachgoer this 4th of July weekend and all through the year by packing out everything that you packed in and leave NO trace that you were even there, except for sand castles and foot prints!

To learn more about the impact of trash and what you can do to help, check out these great resources:

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