Hi!  My name is Carol Hink and welcome to the blu-feet blog!

Thank you for joining us on this fun voyage where we highlight inspirational people, innovative technology and interesting stories that raise awareness about the ocean that we all dearly love.

The idea of the blog was inspired by all the amazing information my Twitter community of fellow ocean advocates would share on a daily basis.  They are a dedicated bunch from all areas of the world who are doing what they can to make a positive difference for our oceans and all of it’s inhabitants.

You’re probably wondering how the “blu-feet” fits in with all of this? It’s a given that our ocean is often referred to as the big blue, so that part is not that puzzling.  But where do the “feet” come in you ask?

Well, as a kid, I’ve been known to spend more time in the ocean than on land and so wished that I had fins instead of human feet. Stuck with feet on land but called to the ocean in my heart, blu-feet was born.

Then as luck would have it, one day a fellow ocean friend posted a photo on Facebook that tied it all together for the logo. Thank you @DianeN56! Little did she know that by posting a photo of a blue-footed Booby from the Galapagos Islands would set off a chain reaction of inspiration in me that is still percolating.  Here is that special photo:


The Blue-Footed Booby photo that inspired our Blu-feet logo.

And just like me these guys love to dance so you can see where this is going to be a interesting experience! Come join me!

A special note of thanks also goes to @emilyquestions for her gift of brainstorming about my vision for an ocean blog and @OscarsTech for his talent, skill and generosity to make it a reality!!

❤ With Much Gratitude ❤

~ Carol