ocean organizations

Feeling inspired? Ready to take the next step to help our oceans? Then check out the amazing organizations listed below. Connect with them, get active locally, and show your appreciation with donations whenever you can. ~Mahalo


5 Gyres is a community that fights ocean plastic pollution through education, science and activism.


Surfrider is a community of everyday people who passionately protect our playground – the ocean, waves, and beaches that provide us so much enjoyment.

Algalita is a nonprofit organization committed to solving the plastic pollution crisis in our oceans through research and education.


The Pacific Marine Mammal Center rescues, rehabilitates and releases marine mammals and inspires ocean stewardship through research, education and collaboration.


OLC focuses on Public Awareness (SEE), Education (LEARN) and Special Projects (DO). Some of these activities and initiatives include: coral reef restoration programs, sea turtles restoration programs, and educational resources.